David Laugomer

David Laugomer is a renowned sculptor known for his unique approach to art. Born in Galilee,Israel in 1951, he grew up in Kfar Monash near Netanya, where his childhood experiences withcows served as a catalyst for his creative journey. Currently residing in Berlin, Laugomer'sextensive portfolio focuses primarily on cows, bulls and organic sculptures.

Laugomer's dedication to his craft is evident in his detailed and controlled mastery of materials likeceramic, wax, bronze, and glass. His metal works, produced using the wax casting meltingtechnique, showcase his technical skill and attention to detail. However, it is his cow sculptures thattruly capture attention. Through his powerful and intricate representations, Laugomer explores theinterplay between strength and vulnerability, creating captivating artworks that evoke a sense ofawe and reverence.

In addition to his cow sculptures, Laugomer also delves into the realm of organic forms. Hismesmerizing artworks transcend traditional boundaries, exuding a sense of movement andtranscendence. This exploration of organic shapes further exemplifies Laugomer's artistic versatilityand ability to push the boundaries of sculpture.

Combining his mastery of materials, technical expertise, and profound artistic vision, DavidLaugomer's works resonate with viewers, inviting them to contemplate the beauty and complexity ofthe natural world through his unique lens.